Satoh Takeru Interview. Tokyo Otaku Mode original article. Published on Aug. 5, 2014 on 07:00.

**WARNING: SPOILER for those who haven’t seen Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno.

A Kenshin & Kaoru moment was ad libbed by Satoh Takeru:

In the small space of one second, Kenshin forgets himself and turns back into the Hitokiri. As a result, he catches a glimpse of himself in Kaoru and thinking, “I ended up killing someone after all,” and “I am the Hitokiri,” Kenshin feels saddened by himself in Battousai mode. With that vision in my head, I passed by Kaoru.

──Passing by Kaoru was ad libbed?

Satoh: Yes. In the script, all that was written was that it was a scene showing him sad that he slayed someone. However, for me, even though they were reunited, they both went away without saying anything. That’s what I wanted to do.
About that scene, the director said, “I’ll decide whether I’ll use it all after watching it,” and when I saw the film, he used it all. The cut went along with my idea of what the cut would be and it was amazing.

Read more of the interview here: (◕◡◕)

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Ending theme of Da Mo Yao! Can’t wait for the series to come out. I’m sure everyone who’s waiting has been waiting for centuries. Rumors says it’s coming out near the end of September this year, hope it’s true. :D

Look at me revising the hiragana i learnt for the past three weeks when im supposed to be paying attention for chem xD

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Rurouni Kenshin Densetsu no Saigo Hen Countdown: 14 days to go! ^^x

sakabatou + 1 katana + 2 kodachi + 1 pair of fists 



She can't stand being separated from Kenshin.

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Tanigaki-san’s tweet on Aug 27, 28


2014.08.27 09:58

In Kyoto Inferno, one of the CCO worriers was beaten in the back of his head into next week by Kenshin at the end of a battle, right? Chome (Inadome) played that worrier, and he was disembrained by Kenshin over his shoulder just before he headed for Kanryu’s mansion house in the last film lol. No one knows why but there’s such a person who tends to play such a role. *forced smile*


2014.08.28 07:42


Team Otomo, doing location hunting in Shochiku Kyoto Studio. In a sense, we were eviler than Shishio’s army lol.


2014.08.28 08:53

Kenshin is doing something like ‘drift’ on the bridge in Kyoto Inferno, right? That is a quick turn rather than a drift. He pretends to run away from his enemies and they run after him, when he makes a quick turn and beats panicked enemies one after another, which is Kenshin’s destabilizing tactics!

He is excellent at fighting! Let’s go to the theater!!

oooohhh that quick turn was GOOD

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Falling Chapter 1: Chance Meetings, a rurouni kenshin fanfic | FanFiction

one of the funniest RK fanfics ive ever read. love saito’s sense of humor and his personality.

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update on current progress of my recap of kyoto taika hen:

im done until the part where kenshin arrives in kyoto. slow but steady. :P

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ONE OK ROCK - Mighty Long Fall [Official Music Video]

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Don’t you hate it when you go on a reblogging spree and like 5 minutes later you start again..

But all you see are your own posts on your mobile dashboard??

* burn mobile tumblr’s dash*

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i am still writing my recap of rurouni kenshin: kyoto taika hen. might take quite some time since i dont have access to the movie right now and i need to slowly trawl the internet for gifs, videos and pics. i even have to make my own gifs (i dont have any prior experience in gif-making except for that one RK gif that i made recently.)

plus i havent made a recap before, let alone a detailed one and on something that runs for 139 minutes.

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Takeru’s Thoughts on Acting

he demonstrates a few of his characters saying the line “普通です。 (It’s normal.) 

srsly felt a pang when he was doing the ‘sad’ part :O

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Ruroken Kyoto Taika Hen Spazz Post



dedicated to : drunkensword, who has to wait for online release (if im not wrong)

OMG so i finally managed to wrench permission from my mum to allow me to go to the cinema. (y’know, over-protective mothers…) Kay i’ll try to keep this spoiler free (i think i might recap if i have time. no…

If I remember Otomo-sensei’s interview, love between the two haven’t fully bloomed yet. He [Kenshin] needs some kind of catalyst that Kaoru has become an important part of him. My hypothesis was he act irrationally due to the impact of what happen to Kaoru. True, I haven’t fell in love yet so I can’t say that I know what it feels like but if I were in Ken-san’s place I’ll probably do the same thing. My thoughts would be like “What if she died and I haven’t got a chance to tell her importance to my life” scenario.

*nods* hmmm highly possible! yeah i rmb otomo-sensei mentioned that since in movieverse, the second movie takes place soon after the first, so the two characters are more restrained than their manga counterparts. but then there were hints on otp-ness throughout the movie though xD especially the scene with kenshin’s famous “half-angry and half-relieved line” and yahiko’s response to that.

hmmm i think the rengoku scene might be the catalyst into letting out his feelings though. he was practically willing to throw away his life and fight for her. 

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Liu Yifei  as Princess Zhao Lian in the upcoming film OUTCAST <绝命逃亡> 9.26.2014 China release

How can she look this perfect even without photoshop? It’s like she hasn’t aged.

she looks like liu shi shi in the first pic tho

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